Debt Recon

In order to illustrate how people's lives may become financially precarious, we developed an advertisement. We came up with a character that enjoys the finer things in life, such as cars, houses, and clothes, but is unable to afford them. The goal was to make the commercial relatable to the average person.

Client:Debt Recon
Instagram: debtrecon
Date: July 25, 2020
Services:Marketing, Video, Digital

Video & Social Amplification

A lot of people live a life they can’t afford.

A commercial that was inspired by actual people and real-life events. We wanted to produce a relevant advertisement that will appeal with people of all ages.


Minimal Production, Huge Direction!

We kept the production very simple and minimal but ‘Senzo’ received strict and specific direction in order to get animated and emotional reactions from him



Mother’s day

Mother’s day during lockdown gave the opportunity for moms to bond with their children and gave us the opportunity to hear how the experience was for moms.