Gold Circle

With the popularity of horse racing going down, the objective of our campaign is to reignite interest around the sport of horse racing in South Africa. We’ve put in place a phased out strategy that involves content marketing, active community management and paid advertising.

Client:Gold Circle
Date: July 25, 2021
Services:Social Media, Marketing, Video

Video and Visual Optimization


A content marketing strategy was established with the goal of providing entertainment, educational, and information value to racing enthusiasts. The approach was implemented successfully. We launched a podcast that focused on various personalities in the horse racing industry. We were able to increase the popularity and demand for the podcast by using high-quality pre-production, production, and post-production. This campaign maintained racing at the forefront of the public's mind and kept the audience engaged with the material that we developed, which led in a large number of comments, likes, and shares on social media.

Engagement Content

Like, Love or Share

We developed material that piqued people's interest in horse racing. This material prompted people to become more engaged with the sport and to devote more emotions to their love of horse racing as a result.